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  • Title: WilmU Magazine | Wilmington University Magazine
    Descriptive info: .. WilmU Magazine.. Search.. Main menu.. Skip to primary content.. Skip to secondary content.. Current Issue.. Features.. WU Notes.. Freeze Frame.. Colleges.. WU Sports.. Syllabus.. WU Alumni.. Back Issues.. Meet the three Wimington students who achieved pageant victory!.. Three Times a Charm.. Meet the men and women fighting a different kind of war.. Cyberattack 101.. We catch up with WU sweethearts several years, kids and dogs later.. Where are they now?.. From WilmU to I DO.. They’re watching you.. See what’s behind the innocent faces of those dolls on display in the lobby of the Doberstein Admissions Center.. Land of the Dolls.. Latest News from WU Colleges.. Arts Sciences.. WilmU gets ‘Vegucated’ at documentary screening.. Two adjunct professors show their artwork in local exhibits.. ‘Beyond Jersey Shore’ debunks Italian stereotypes.. More.. Business.. New: Social Media Marketing Course.. College Gains 1 New Hire,  ...   road to recovery leads to new career for WilmU student.. Joint Base Graduates its First Class of Students.. Technology.. Seminars introduce women to technology careers.. Workshop discusses apps that help businesses flourish.. BULLY!.. Articles from the issue.. WU Life.. Or view.. The Interactive Digital Edition.. Annual Fund.. Give to the Wilmington University Fund Drive.. Help support the Wilmington University Fund Drive by making a donation.. Social Behavioral Sciences.. Departments.. From The President.. From the Editor.. Join the Alumni Association.. The Wilmington University Alumni Association.. encourages you to get involved with your Alumni Association.. Email.. alu.. @wilmu.. edu.. to find more information.. University Links.. Wilmington University News.. Photos.. Videos.. Speakers Bureau.. Submit an Article.. Home.. |.. Web.. Campus.. Blackboard.. Apply Now!.. Contact Us.. About Us.. Admission.. Student Services.. Academics.. Library.. Student Life.. Athletics.. Alumni.. Delaware.. New Jersey.. Maryland.. Online.. (877) 967-5464.. Back to Top..

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  • Title: Back Issues | WilmU Magazine
    Descriptive info: Post navigation.. Select a cover to find articles from that issue.. Be Sociable, Share!.. Tweet.. 2013 Spring Summer.. 2012 Fall Winter.. 2012 Spring Summer.. 2011 Fall Winter.. 2011 Spring Summer.. 2010 Fall Winter.. 2010 Spring Summer..

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  • Title: Three Times a Charm | WilmU Magazine
    Descriptive info: There’s something about the women of Wilmington University.. It’s in their poise, demeanor, personality and walk.. Maybe that is why the university boasts three Delaware pageant winners in 2012 alone.. Are pageants really about sequins, opponent sabotage, wind‑resistant hair and cookie‑cutter responses? Not at all.. Anna Ornelas, Christine Rich and Crystal Rush are proof that it takes much more than glitz and glamour to win.. Christine Rich Mrs.. Delaware 2013 •.. The Survivor.. In just one conversation with Rich, there is no question why this eloquent speaker won Mrs.. Delaware – she is as smart as a whip.. It seems unbelievable that Rich – juggling roles as wife, mother, student, substitute teacher and cheerleader – had time to earn the title of Mrs.. Delaware 2013, but she made it look effortless.. “The goal for the pageant was to have fun and be 100 percent myself.. I wanted the judges to see me.. Sometimes contestants get so absorbed with what judges want that they forget to be real,” says Rich about winning her Mrs.. Delaware title.. After seven years in the pageant world and three consecutive years competing in the annual Mrs.. Delaware pageant, Rich decided to change up her game plan this time around.. She decided to go in with a more relaxed attitude and “just be myself.. ”.. “My favorite portion of the pageant is always the interview because I get to show off my intelligence,” she says.. The win was less about the title and more about the exposure to promote the education and early detection of skin cancer.. It is a topic that’s near and dear to her heart.. Rich lived with a basal cell carcinoma tumor for more than 10 years before it was diagnosed.. She underwent reconstructive surgery only months before her first pageant.. “If I can save one life from skin cancer or help someone affected with the disease, I would be satisfied,” says Rich.. She will be able to promote her platform on a national level in August, as she will compete for Mrs.. America 2013.. Until then, Rich is still studying at Wilmington University for a master’s in Elementary Education.. “I’ve always had a passion for mentoring children,” says Rich, who begins her student teaching next fall.. “Education was instilled in me from a very young age and that’s what I want to instill in my son,” says Rich.. Crystal Rush Miss Delaware International 2013 •.. The Adventurer.. Crystal Rush earned the title of Miss Delaware International on her first try.. Her charisma and down‑to‑earth personality translated to the judges in a magnetic way only Rush can.. This self‑proclaimed adventure‑seeker never thought  ...   her family.. She is the middle of five children in a close‑knit family, having grown up in the small town of Accident, Md.. – population 325.. “I have been so blessed with my upbringing.. My grandma taught me to stay true to myself and my mother taught me to always show compassion, which is why I am who I am today,” she says.. Anna Ornelas Miss Latina Delaware 2013 •.. The Role Model.. “I started pageants at 10 [years old] because I was shy, and used it as a way to build my confidence,” says Anna Ornelas.. Ornelas won Miss Delaware Latina 2012 in the pageant’s inaugural year.. “This pageant shows the Hispanic community that it has a role model, and I’m honored to have that title in Delaware,” says Ornelas.. Long before the pageant’s inception, Ornelas was hard at work to be the voice and positive role model for the Latino community of Delaware.. From an early age, Ornelas embraced her Mexican roots and learned a great deal about her culture from her parents, participating in various organizations and singing mariachi and bachata at local festivals from her hometown of Georgetown, Del.. , to Philadelphia.. Ornelas’ passion for the arts flourished through her involvement in theater, dance and music.. “I started gaining interest in music at a very young age.. I remember after watching the movie ‘Selena’ and singing in my living room all of her hit songs, mimicking her every move and imagining myself on stage performing in front of adoring fans.. Her drive was undeniable, and her presence in her community landed her a show on QBTV, called “Alerta Maxima.. You can still catch Ornelas on the stage, singing and acting, but her goal is to also help others find their voice.. She wants to “give voice to the voiceless,” which is a major reason why she’s pursuing a career in speech pathology.. She was inspired to research the field because her sister has Down syndrome and she wants to help others with the disorder.. Ornelas is at Wilmington University studying for her bachelor’s in Behavioral Science, expecting to graduate in winter 2013.. “I love to express myself and I know that those with enabling disorders want to as well.. I want to help them use their voice to speak out,” says the 23‑year‑old student.. About her pageant life, Ornelas explains, “This experience has been one of a lifetime.. We had the national pageant in Mexico, which was amazing because that’s my heritage.. Though she didn’t win the Miss Latina US, she was happy to participate and remain a role model in her community.. Comments are closed..

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  • Title: CYBERATTACK 101: The electronic enemy | WilmU Magazine
    Descriptive info: CYBERATTACK 101: The electronic enemy.. By JAIME BENDER.. When we think of a “hero,” several images are likely to come to mind.. Firefighter carries dog out of burning building.. Soldier accepts Medal of Honor.. Paramedic performs CPR on shooting victim.. Here’s one image you don’t conjure up too often: Man in a collared shirt sits behind a desk, facing two or three monitors in a cramped windowless office, typing furiously with one hand and dialing a phone with the other.. You might not view this imagery as heroic in the traditional sense.. But believe it or not, that man has as much power and potential to save lives and protect an entire country from dire harm as the more conventionally accepted “heroes” of American society.. In the cyber security industry, people like this are everywhere.. They’re responding to threats or preventing new ones from happening.. They’re doing it using the most sophisticated technology and with the safety of their coworkers, families, friends and country in mind.. They do it, oftentimes, silently, with no expectation of recognition, reward or thanks.. At Wilmington University, those “silent heroes” are being trained in a unique way.. Although computer and network security is an emerging academic field across the nation, other local institutions have yet to offer such a program in its entirety.. Wilmington University is the only institution in the area to offer the Bachelor of Science in Computer and Network Security.. It doesn’t end in the classroom.. The University has played host to several professional cyber security events, competitions and exercises in recent years, including a tabletop exercise of the Greater Wilmington Cyber Security Group (GWCSG) in March that brought leaders in the field from as far away as Texas to work together to find optimal ways to respond to attacks, both electronic and structural, and to help prevent them.. The University also has its own club, the Cyber Wildcats, dedicated to competing, training and gaining professional ground in the industry.. “This is the kind of heroism you don’t see in everyday life,” says Kevin Kjosa, assistant director of the Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security, a training and research firm out of the University of Texas at San Antonio.. He and some colleagues traveled to Delaware in March to lend their expertise and resources to the tabletop exercise and tout awareness of the cyber security industry.. “That awareness is crucial to the safety of our homes and our country,” says Maj.. Gen.. Tom Thomas, a speaker at the exercise and a member of the Delaware Air National Guard.. He’s also a senior vice president at Bank of America.. THREAT ASSESSMENT.. The United States is stepping up its cyber security offensive in ways never seen before, Thomas says.. Phishing scammers, hacktivists and other cyber attackers are rapidly finding new and innovative ways to perpetrate their attacks, and when it happens, it hits some major corporations and government entities where it hurts the most – their pocketbooks.. “A lot of small businesses think they don’t need cyber security,” says Mark Hufe, an associate professor and director of the University’s Center for Cyber Security Education.. “But what they don’t realize is that an attack can take them offline for a week or more, and that can put them out of business.. The simplest actions, such as checking sports scores at work, can have dire consequences.. A website with malware‑infected ads can spread to a user’s computer, which can then spread across that user’s network and cause major problems that require time‑consuming and expensive fixes.. “You have to be able to continue operations to do business in a secure way, meaning data is not compromised,” he says.. “If you have been compromised, and you can keep personal and private information from being given up, then you’re OK.. The need to protect the infrastructure of those businesses, as well as mount a strong front against future intrusions, has become a key component of many business models.. That, in turn, has produced the need for skilled, knowledgeable professionals to undercut the effects of these widespread attacks.. It’s a growing industry that’s attracting many young, career‑minded people.. And that’s where Wilmington University comes in.. LEADING THE CHARGE.. Wilmington University offers two degree programs in cyber security: a B.. S.. in Computer and Network Security and an M.. in Information Systems Technology – Information Assurance.. For its advancements in the field, the University has been named a Center for Academic Excellence by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.. “When there’s a crime committed and there’s digital evidence that needs to be obtained, you need to be able to get that evidence legally and follow proper procedure, and  ...   to be adequately prepared.. Hufe says participating in industry events like the U.. Cyber Challenge, DC3, InfraGard, the GWCSG exercise and the B‑Sides Conference, as well as Cyber Wildcats membership, are huge factors in how successful a student will be in finding a job in this challenging field.. “Say I’m a hiring manager, and I’m looking at two resumes,” Hufe says.. “One resume is from a student who just went to class, got the grades, had a decent GPA and graduated.. Then I look at the other one, and it’s got all these competitions that they participated in, clubs they belonged to.. I think, ‘This is the one with the passion.. This is the one I want on my team.. ’ ”.. That’s been proven true many times over in the form of success stories in the workforce.. CSC, a global company that provides technology‑enabled business solutions, has either hired or promoted at least 12 former Cyber Wildcats for its North American Security Services division.. Several of those work in the Threat Analysis Center, including David Alford, a 2011 CNS graduate who was promoted in April to Operation Lead at CSC.. Many of CSC’s hires came right out of WilmU’s crop of recent graduates.. Starting salary can be anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000, Alford says, but can increase based on the employee’s performance in the company’s multi‑tiered interview process.. The abundance of promotions and hires at CSC, Alford says, happened because “WilmU keeps taking people who have an interest in cyber security and turning them into true professionals in this field, ready to tackle today’s threats and get to the next level.. Alford sees the trend continuing.. “Overall, I can see that Wildcats are getting the jobs, getting the job done right, and getting promoted into more demanding (and interesting) positions faster than most other groups here [at CSC].. This is a direct result of WilmU’s CNS program and the many great adjuncts teaching it.. INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGES.. Many people view cyber attacks as not much more than an annoyance or an inconvenience.. That may be why some companies don’t see cyber security as a worthwhile expense.. But experts say cyber security should be a part of any company’s budget, no matter the size, purpose or industry.. “What may be an annoyance to you could be a major threat somewhere else,” Hufe says.. And “somewhere else” is where the biggest challenge lies.. Even the most schooled professionals can’t always know where the threat is coming from.. For instance, Hufe says, a keylogger (meaning an attack that tracks passwords and other personal information as the user types it in) can appear to have Korean origins, but the actual perpetrator may be coming from someone’s basement in Wilmington.. Call it modern‑day bank robbery.. The crime rate for bank robbery has decreased over the years, but cyber scams and identity theft are on the rise.. Denial‑of‑service attacks, the kind that prevents users from logging in, are the most common assaults on banks’ websites.. In March, National Security Agency director Gen.. Keith Alexander announced an ambitious expansion of the Pentagon’s Cyber Command, an effort to prevent and fight DOS attacks.. Within an hour of Alexander’s announcement, Chase Bank’s website was attacked and brought to a standstill.. The U.. director of National Intelligence called cyber attacks the No.. 1 threat facing the United States this year.. And when a cyber crime is detected overseas, getting other countries to prosecute the attackers is becoming increasingly difficult.. “You have to convince another government to prosecute one of their citizens for bringing money into their country from the United States,” Hufe says.. “That’s not always possible.. Then there’s the lure of the scam itself that makes it so hard to control it.. Take overseas lottery scams, for example.. Getting a grammatically sloppy email with the promise of millions of dollars – and all you have to do is give up a litany of personal information and send a blank check – has been around for many years and has been used numerous times as a cautionary tale, so it seems like no one could possibly fall for it anymore.. But people still do.. “The Internet is growing so much that people may be wiser, but there are more and more people exposed to it,” Hufe says.. Part of any cyber security front is the forensics component – finding out how, why and where an attack occurred.. If the attack can’t be prevented, the next step is trying to investigate it.. “There’s a digital trail in every crime now,” Hufe says.. “The idea is following that trail and hoping it leads to prosecution.. This article was published in.. from the.. issue..

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  • Title: From WilmU to ‘I DO’ | WilmU Magazine
    Descriptive info: From WilmU to ‘I DO’.. By Britney Gulledge.. Call it “WilmU: A Love Story.. While it’s not exactly a gondola ride in Venice, Wilmington University can be a very romantic place.. Just ask these three couples who met as students — specifically, student-athletes — and embarked on a new chapter together.. Matt and Nicole Gianni.. Degrees: Nicole, B.. A.. in sports management (2008) and M.. B.. with concentration in marketing management (2010); Matt, B.. in sports management (2008).. What’s better than meeting your future spouse the very first day of your college career?.. Matt and Nicole Gianni, now 26, met in their first college class ever and immediately took a liking to one another.. “I remember calling my mom after class and telling her about the really cute boy I met,” says Nicole.. “And Matt told me later after we had started dating for a bit that the first day he saw me walk into class he told his roommate that he ‘needed to get to know that girl.. ’ ”.. Matt played baseball all four years at WilmU, and Nicole played soccer and softball freshman year and then just softball for the remainder of her college career.. As athletes, it was easy for Matt and Nicole to find comfortable social circles.. But Matt tried a different method.. “Matt always seemed to ‘need help with homework,’ ” says Nicole, and of course she was happy to oblige.. Homework help turned into dinner dates.. After three years, the couple married in the Dominican Republic.. The biggest change the Giannis have seen since they attended WilmU, they say, is the growth in the athletics department and the new facilities.. “It’s so great to be a part of the history of Wilmington University Athletics.. We really feel like we helped to build the platform to what they have grown to be today and love seeing the continued  ...   between Josh coaching and it being football season, we like to watch a lot of games and root for our teams,” Colby says.. We get together with friends as much as we can and enjoy time with our families.. The pair recently had a baby girl, Tinsley, now 7 months old.. Asked if Tinsley is destined to be a Wildcat, Colby says, “We would be happy if she did choose Wilmington because we were both pretty happy with our education and the experience we received.. At the end of the day, it would be her choice.. Hopefully Wilmington will stand out to her 18 years from now.. Chris and Shustine Brooks.. Degrees: Shustine, B.. in general studies (2009), Chris, B.. in marketing (2008).. How big of an influence did sports have on this Wildcat alumni couple?.. Enough for a baseball-themed wedding, that’s how big.. “It reflected how we met and our love for sports,” says Shustine, who played softball at WilmU while Chris played baseball.. “We had a cake with baseball stitching, baseball jerseys and bats signed by our wedding guests, and rally towels for our wedding guests.. Chris and Shustine, both 26 and originally from New Jersey, initially met at orientation as WilmU freshmen, but the two didn’t speak to each other until they were heading to their cars one day after practice.. From then on, it was love at first pitch.. “We chose WilmU because we liked the small, close-knit feel of the campus.. It was also close enough in distance for our families to come watch our games, which is important to us.. Married in May 2012, the couple says they would like to start a family.. “We would like to have our children attend to keep the tradition going and because it’s such a great school,” Shustine says.. “We are both very close to our families and traditions are important..

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  • Title: Land of the Dolls | WilmU Magazine
    Descriptive info: By Jamie Bender.. Step inside the lobby of the Doberstein Admissions Center, and you’re bound to get some stare-downs.. Walk in a little farther, and you’ll see some familiar faces: Sleeping Beauty.. Little Orphan Annie.. Cinderella.. Little Red Riding Hood.. No, you haven’t stumbled into the Macy’s Day Parade.. Those innocent, cherubic faces are the product of decades of dedicated doll collecting, preserving and curating.. Many have wondered about the origin of the cherished figures, of which there are approximately 400 gracing the halls of the DAC.. In the late 1990s, former University President Audrey K.. Doberstein, the namesake of the aforementioned building, chose to display her prized doll collection at the university.. In 1997, she hired a decorator to transport the dolls from her home and arrange them in glass display shelves that line the lobby and hallways of the center.. Since then they’ve ignited plenty of curiosity.. “A lot of people wonder why they’re here,” said Sallie Reissman, senior director of Online Learning and Educational Technology, who used to lead school tours of the doll displays as part of field trips to educate children on doll manufacturing and collecting.. So why are they here?.. “I had a roomful of them at home, and I had always wanted to put them somewhere where a lot of people could see them,” Doberstein said.. “I thought that by displaying them at the university, it would attract people to the school and open up opportunities for learning.. The dolls range anywhere from $100 to $4,000 in value, she said.. And she says there’s a surefire way to tell a run-of-the-mill, mass-produced doll from a more expensive, one-of-a-kind one.. “The hands,” she said.. The more detailed and delicate they are, she said, the more likely it is that the doll is one-of-a-kind and, therefore, highly valuable.. But she doesn’t want to sell them, she said.. Price — and value — had nothing to do with why she chose the dolls.. “I’ve always loved children’s literature.. I was a schoolteacher and have always had a love for fairy tales and all the colorful characters,” Doberstein said.. “So when I had my two daughters, I started buying dolls for them.. And then people started giving me dolls, and I attended a doll show in California many years ago.. That got me thinking, ‘Well, if I’m going to collect anything, I’d might as well collect dolls.. Better than paintings, I suppose.. In addition to the 400 or so dolls she keeps in the display cases at the DAC, Doberstein has about 100 more in storage and another dozen on shelves in her home.. Doberstein recalled intricate details of many of the dolls and their genesis as she walked through the halls of the building that bears her name  ...   them, but for some reason, she said, they never made it past the ’50s.. “I guess they didn’t think the clothes were very fashionable after that,” she said.. Not all of Doberstein’s dolls were chosen based on genre or theme.. Some of them she picked for no other reason than personal preference.. “They just caught my eye and I thought they were beautiful,” she said.. Preservation and maintenance of the dolls doesn’t take much time or effort, she said.. Every year or so, the dolls are removed from the cases, blown with a cool hair dryer, and put back.. Each doll in the display is accompanied by a card that bears the doll’s name and the name of its artist or manufacturer.. Doberstein has gotten to name some of the dolls herself.. Some of them are named after her two granddaughters.. Many of Doberstein’s dolls come from popular doll maker Madame Alexander.. Others have more obscure origins.. Julia Rueger is another favorite of Doberstein’s.. She’s an artist known for her portrayals of young children, evoking the innocence and wonder of youth.. Also high on her list is French artist Heloise, whose extraordinarily detailed dolls are on permanent display in Swiss and French museums.. Doberstein is particularly fond of Heloise’s “Marie Jeanne,” a one-of-a-kind doll that is one of Doberstein’s priciest purchases.. Limited-edition artist Wendy Lawton’s works occupy a large part of Doberstein’s collection.. Many of Lawton’s dolls are inspired by children’s stories and poems.. Others depict customs of different cultures or are based on historical characters.. Lawton once donated a fairy tale doll each year to an elementary school student who participated in the university’s “Storybooks Come Alive” field trip program.. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the program received more than 10,000 children from surrounding public, private and parochial elementary schools.. The trips were guided by the university’s elementary education majors and offered guided tours of the dolls, which included background information on the artistry and process of doll making.. Crafts, story time and snacks rounded out the trips.. The students were encouraged to revisit classic fairy tales and storybooks by writing their own version of a tale for the university’s Budding Authors Contest.. Three students were chosen to receive prizes for their stories.. In addition to educating the students, the tours also served as an opportunity for the university to gain more exposure from teachers and parents, as well as a service for local schools.. Sadly, Reissman said, as resources and time were spread thin, the university had to discontinue the tours.. So what’s the future of the dolls?.. “I just hope that they can always be meaningful to people no matter where they end up,” Doberstein said.. “Not just locked up in a house in the dark somewhere..

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  • Title: WilmU gets ‘Vegucated’ at documentary screening | WilmU Magazine
    Descriptive info: WilmU gets ‘Vegucated’ at documentary screening.. By Jaime Bender.. Ever look down at your cheeseburger and wonder how it made it to your plate?.. Some people would rather not find out.. But for others who are curious, there’s “Vegucated.. Wilmington University held two screenings of this 2011 documentary on Monday, Oct.. 1, in the auditorium of the Doberstein Admission Center.. In it, three New Yorkers embark on a journey to adopt and maintain a plant-based diet with the help of filmmaker Marissa Miller Wolfson.. Herself a vegan, Wolfson took the three volunteers on tours of farms, showed them disturbing undercover footage of factory farming practices, and educated them on the history of human consumption and the realities of meat production.. The 77-minute film won Best Documentary at the 2011 Toronto Independent Film Festival and the Chris Award at the Columbus International Film Video Festival.. Advocates called it “funny, entertaining and informative” and said it “can change your life in so many positive ways.. About 40 students, faculty and staff attended the noon “Vegucated” screening, which also included vegan food, recipes, pamphlets and literature on animal rights issues and vegetarian lifestyle planning.. After the screening, audience members got to meet Brian Flegel, one of the three documentary “guinea pigs,” and ask him questions via FaceTime.. Before the film was made, Flegel was an aspiring actor who had moved to New York from California.. He  ...   that.. She hadn’t thought much about changing her eating habits.. By the end of the film, she’d made up her mind.. She sent a text message to her roommate: “WE’RE GOING VEGAN.. “I was really impacted by it,” she said of the film.. “I’ve always had compassion for animals, but I also always thought that meat is there for us to eat.. Now when I see what they do to those animals, it makes me want to make a change.. Hora, 20, asked Flegel a few questions during the FaceTime session.. “Isn’t it expensive to live this way?” she asked.. Quite the contrary, Flegel said.. Tofu is surprisingly cheap, as are ingredients for foods like vegan mayonnaise, mock tuna and hummus.. Nicole Karam, administrative assistant for the College of Arts Sciences, helped organize the screenings.. She’s also a vegan.. “‘Vegucated’ is a thought-provoking and entertaining film that encourages viewers to eat healthy and gain awareness of current environmental and ethical issues,” Karam said.. She prepared mock tuna and chicken salads for attendees to sample, accompanied by recipes.. Representatives from the university’s Green Team were on hand to provide information about environmentally conscious companies and programs and how the university has contributed to green living and energy efficiency.. Delaware Action for Animals also had a table set up with literature and tips.. More information about the film can be found at.. www.. getvegucated.. com..

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  • Title: Two adjunct professors show their artwork in local exhibits | WilmU Magazine
    Descriptive info: Two adjunct professors show their artwork in local exhibits.. Two Wilmington University adjunct professors had their artwork featured in Art on the Town opening receptions on Oct.. 5 at two venues in Wilmington.. Tom Simek.. Mixed-medium artist Tom Simek concentrates on the effects of light on water and the human figure in his exhibit, “Light on Bodies of Work,” at Bloomsberry Flowers, 207 N.. Market St.. The show ran through the month of October.. Simek teaches statistics and mathematics courses at  ...   American Pen Women 2012 Biennial Art Exhibit, titled “Reflection,” at Grace United Methodist Church, 900 Washington St.. The show, billed as a celebration of women in the arts since 1897, also had its opening reception on Oct.. 5 and ran through most of October.. Mellian graduated with a BFA degree from the University of Delaware.. She paints primarily in oil, acrylic and watercolor and teaches watercolor painting classes at WilmU.. For more information on the Art on the Town exhibits, visit.. artloopwilmingtonde..

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  • Title: ‘Beyond Jersey Shore’ debunks Italian stereotypes | WilmU Magazine
    Descriptive info: ‘Beyond Jersey Shore’ debunks Italian stereotypes.. The Godfather.. ” Cannoli.. Spray tan.. Jewelry.. “Forget about it.. Being Italian comes with many stereotypes.. And with the success of TV shows like “Jersey Shore” and “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” they are harder than ever to overcome.. This is why the College of Arts and Sciences organized “Beyond Jersey Shore: Understanding the Real  ...   discussion on overcoming stereotypes in pop culture that coincides with the College’s new course offering, HUM 335, “Italian American Heritage and Culture: A Local Perspective,” at the University’s Burlington County College site.. Among the panelists at the event were Ciro Poppiti, New Castle County Register of Wills, and Gilda Rorro Baldassari, chairwoman of the New Jersey Italian Italian American Heritage Commission..

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  • Title: New: Social Media Marketing Course | WilmU Magazine
    Descriptive info: New: Social Media Marketing Course.. More than 800 million Facebook users, 135 million LinkedIn users, 200 million Tweets, and 180 million active blogs — these are just some of the reasons it was decided not to take a wait-and-see approach for marketing majors to learn about Social Media Marketing, the newest offering in the undergraduate Marketing Program.. The course was successfully launched this fall and will also be online soon.. According to adjunct instructor Valerie Brown-Baul, students will learn to develop and execute social media strategies and plans to prepare themselves for  ...   West’ of advertising and marketing communication channels,” she said.. “It is a fast growing, ever-evolving, innovative and entrepreneurial space that, despite its increasing ubiquity, is not well understood.. This course will ensure that our students are on the ‘cutting edge’ of marketing communication technology.. Researchers forecast that by 2014, social media spending by advertisers and media alone will account for more than 20 percent of all advertising spending.. For more information about when and where this new course (BMK 400) is being offered, contact Dr.. Steve LeShay, marketing chair, 302-356-6783 (.. stev.. )..

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  • Title: College Gains 1 New Hire, 4 New Doctors | WilmU Magazine
    Descriptive info: College Gains 1 New Hire, 4 New Doctors.. The College of Business recently hired one new full-time Graduate Program faculty member, and recognized four other full-time faculty for successfully earning their doctoral degrees.. Andrew F.. Hartnett.. was hired as a full-time Assistant Professor and Assistant Chair for the MBA College of Business.. Once a clinical nurse at several East Coast hospitals (including Johns Hopkins and Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Md.. ), he currently is working on his Ph.. D.. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Northcentral University.. He has prior adjunct teaching experience at Penn State, The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania), and for the past five years in the Wilmington University  ...   Services at Astramerck-Astrazeneca, and then served as President and Executive Consultant for Symmetry Consulting, Inc.. in Downington, Pa.. Dr.. Ken Morlino.. , Assistant Professor and Chair of MBA Programs, received his DBA from Wilmington University.. His topic was “Quantitative Assessment of Critical Thinking Skills of MBA Students.. Leo-Rey Gordon.. , Assistant Professor, earned his Ph.. in Economics from University of Delaware.. His topic was “An Estimation of the Economic Effect of Offshore Banking in Caribbean Islands.. Dan Young.. , also an Assistant Professor, earned his Ph.. in marketing from Temple University.. Lynda Fuller.. , Assistant Professor and Director of COB’s Undergraduate Programs, and Assistant to the Dean, completed her Ed.. from Argosy University..

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