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  • Title: Wilmington University WebCampus
    Descriptive info: .. Friday, September 13, 2013.. Wilmington University WebCampus.. WebCampus is your full-service student, alumni, and faculty portal providing access to Blackboard, Email, Academic records, Course registration, Bill payment and more!.. Please enter your Username, Password, and select the Term you wish to view.. WebCampus login.. *.. Username.. Don't know your username?.. Password.. Forgot your password?.. Term.. Fall 2013.. Summer 2013.. Spring 2013.. Fall 2012.. Summer 2012.. Spring 2012.. Fall 2011.. Summer 2011.. Spring 2011.. Fall 2010.. Summer 2010.. Spring 2010.. Fall 2009.. Summer 2009.. Spring 2009.. Fall 2008.. Summer 2008.. Spring 2008.. Fall 2007.. Summer 2007.. Spring 2007.. Fall 2006.. Summer 2006.. Spring 2006.. Fall 2005.. Summer 2005.. Spring 2005.. Fall 2004.. Summer 2004.. Spring 2004.. Fall 2003.. Summer 2003.. Spring 2003.. Fall 2002.. Summer 2002.. Spring 2002.. Fall 2001.. Summer 2001.. Spring 2001.. Fall 2000.. Summer 2000.. Spring 2000.. Fall 1999.. Summer 1999.. Spring 1999.. Fall 1998.. Summer 1998.. Spring 1998.. Fall 1997.. Summer 1997.. Spring 1997.. Fall 1996.. Summer 1996.. Spring 1996.. Fall 1995.. Summer 1995.. Spring 1995.. Fall 1994.. Summer 1994.. Spring 1994.. Fall 1993.. Summer 1993.. Spring 1993.. Fall 1992.. Summer 1992.. Spring 1992.. Fall 1991.. Summer 1991.. Spring 1991.. Fall 1990.. Summer 1990.. Spring 1990.. Fall 1989.. Summer 1989.. Spring 1989.. Fall 1988.. Summer 1988.. Spring 1988.. Fall 1987.. Summer 1987.. Spring 1987.. Fall 1986.. Summer 1986.. Spring 1986.. Fall 1985.. Summer 1985.. Spring 1985.. Fall 1984.. Summer 1984.. Spring 1984.. Fall 1983.. Summer 1983.. Spring 1983.. Fall 1982.. Summer 1982.. Spring 1982.. Fall 1981.. Summer 1981.. Spring 1981.. Fall 1980.. Summer 1980.. Spring 1980.. Fall 1979.. Summer 1979.. Spring 1979.. Fall 1978.. Summer 1978.. Spring 1978.. Fall 1977.. Summer 1977.. Spring 1977.. Fall 1976.. Summer 1976.. Spring 1976.. Fall 1975.. Summer 1975.. Spring 1975.. Fall 1974.. Summer 1974.. Spring 1974.. Fall 1973.. Summer 1973.. Spring 1973.. Fall 1972.. Summer 1972.. Spring 1972.. Fall 1971.. Summer 1971.. Spring 1971.. Fall 1970.. Summer 1970.. Spring 1970.. Fall 1969.. Summer 1969.. Spring 1969.. Fall 1968.. = required field.. Prospective Undergraduate students.. Prospective Graduate students.. Prospective Doctoral students.. Browser Compatibility Check.. This compatibility check verifies your web browser is configured with the settings necessary for WebCampus and Blackboard to work properly.. Result.. Summary.. Your browser has a configuration problem that will prevent use of some or all WebCampus and Blackboard functionality.. Please review the issues below and follow the  ...   Click on.. Under the Hood.. in the left panel, then click on the.. Content settings.. button next to the Privacy header.. Next to the Cookies header, click.. Manage exceptions.. , then type webcampus.. wilmu.. edu and press Enter (with the Behavior drop-down set to "Allow" or "Session Only").. Close the Chrome Options tab and reload this page.. Instructions for configuring Safari to allow cookies from WebCampus.. In Safari, click on the Settings icon (gear) in the upper right corner, and select.. Preferences.. Click the.. tab, then next to the Block cookies header, select.. Never.. OR.. From third parties and advertisers.. (either should work).. Click the Red X to close Preferences, then reload this page.. Please adjust your browser settings to allow cookies (from webcampus.. edu), then reload this page.. Popup.. Window.. Unable to check pop-ups until JavaScript is enabled (above).. Instructions for configuring Firefox to allow pop-ups from WebCampus (required for registration).. Content.. tab.. If the.. Block pop-up windows.. box is checked, click the top.. button directly to the right of the pop-up windows checkbox.. In the box labeled.. , type wilmu.. to save your changes and exit the Firefox Options window.. 6.. Instructions for configuring Internet Explorer to allow pop-ups from WebCampus (required for registration).. If the box labeled.. Turn on Pop-up Blocker.. is checked, click the.. Settings.. button next to it.. Address of website to allow.. Add.. then click.. to save your changes and exit the Internet Explorer options window.. Instructions for configuring Chrome to allow pop-ups from WebCampus (required for registration).. Next to the Pop-ups header, click.. edu and press Enter (with the Behavior drop-down set to "Allow").. Instructions for configuring Safari to allow pop-ups from WebCampus (required for registration).. In Safari, click on the Settings icon (gear) in the upper right corner.. In the drop-down menu shown, uncheck the box labeled.. Block Pop-Up Windows.. Reload this page.. Please adjust your browser settings to allow pop-ups (from webcampus.. This is required to use the Registration interface.. Browser.. Browser:.. Version:.. Platform:.. Unable to check browser version until JavaScript is enabled (above).. Your browser version may be incompatible with some Blackboard functionality.. Blackboard works best in the latest version of.. Mozilla Firefox.. or.. Google Chrome.. For a list of known Blackboard issues and recommendations, please visit our.. Browser Support Page.. WebCampus 2.. 0.. 2013 Three Rivers Systems, Inc.. All rights reserved..

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