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  • Title: WellConnect Student Services at Western Governors University
    Descriptive info: .. WellConnect.. 1-877-685-3269.. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.. 1-877-685-3269 - Call 24/7.. or.. Have WellConnect Call You.. Call.. any time, day or night, to get started! We’re here for you 24/7.. You can also have WellConnect call you! Click to receive a referral to any of the.. free.. WellConnect services.. Staying Healthy: WellConnect Services.. Balancing work, life, and school can be challenging, but we can help you stay on course.. We’ll offer guidance and support to help you deal with issues that impede your ability to accomplish your academic, professional, and personal goals.. WGU’s WellConnect program offers FREE services that are designed to help students work through these issues as they arise.. As a student you are entitled to the following services through WGU’s WellConnect Program:.. Counseling.. , including unlimited in-the-moment telephonic support, available 24/7/365, with a master’s level WellConnect Counselor.. Budget and Debt consultation.. with a professionally trained and certified financial counselor to provide personalized insight to help you reach your goals.. Legal consultation.. to offer advice and insight on any legal issues you’re facing.. New Parent Transition Program.. to help you prepare for and adjust to your new arrival.. Community Referrals.. to connect you with the resources you need in your area.. The WGU Student Advantage Website.. with articles, tip sheets, and videos with training on a wide variety of subjects.. WellConnect outreach.. if you're not quite sure where to start, we'll call you to get the ball rolling.. WellConnect Counseling.. When you are feeling overwhelmed it can be difficult to start something new even if it means getting the help you need.. WellConnect offers immediate.. in-the-moment support.. , as well as giving you the option to set up four FREE.. face-to-face or telephonic meetings.. to discuss your concerns in greater depth.. When you call the WGU WellConnect line (.. ) you will talk with a knowledgeable and experienced clinician who can help connect you to the resources you need no matter what you're dealing with.. Why Access Counseling.. Budget and Debt Consultation Services.. Money problems can be a huge source of stress, and they can distract you from other goals and make you feel tied down or powerless.. For students who are struggling with financial issues, or who are simply seeking to better manage their finances, WGU’s WellConnect program offers extensive budget  ...   you manage the competing demands of school, work, family and everyday life by connecting you with resources right where you are in your own community!.. WGU Student Advantage Website.. Sometimes you’re interested in learning more about the issues you’re facing, even if you’re not quite ready to talk to someone about them.. We hope that as you learn more, you’ll feel empowered to reach out and get whatever help you need! Once you log in to the WGU Student Advantage website, you'll be able to access articles, tip sheets, worksheets, videos, and training on a wide range of subjects including:.. Study tips and Time Management.. Drinking and substance abuse issues.. Anger, stress, and anxiety.. Health and wellness assessments.. Student Advantage Website.. Have WellConnect Call You.. If you're interested in moving forward but aren't quite sure how to take the first step, have WellConnect call you! We are more than happy to give you a call to get the conversation started.. Just let us know what you'd like to talk about, and we'll take care of the rest.. We look forward to speaking with you!.. Read what WGU Students are.. saying about WellConnect:.. “WellConnect is a fantastic resource for students! I wish I would have had access to this service at the other universities I've attended.. It is a great thing for students to have the ability to get the help they need in an efficient and confidential manner.. I give Wellconnect an A+!”.. “Absolutely an amazing experience from the first contact until my last appointment.. My counselor is wonderful and I am going to continue to see her….. ”.. “All the WellConnect staff and counselors … have been very understanding and supportive of my issues.. Overall, I feel they helped me immensely so I could successfully continue with my studies at WGU.. “Thank you for providing this service! Not only has it helped my studies, I'm developing a better sense of who I am as I've been able to tackle some recent and long-standing issues.. THANK YOU!!!”.. “The counselor that WellConnect provided to me and my husband has saved my marriage and made my student life bearable.. I am so grateful to WellConnect.. Privacy Policy.. |.. Contact Us.. 2013 Western Governors University.. All rights reserved.. WGU is an accredited online university offering online bachelor's and master's degree programs..

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  • Title: Request for WellConnect Services | Western Governors University
    Descriptive info: Home.. :: Request for Service Form.. Request for WellConnect Services.. Contact Request Form.. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you by telephone.. within one business day.. about receiving our services.. Please note that you will not be receiving an email response to this inquiry.. If you would like  ...   are welcome to.. read more.. about them elsewhere on this site.. If this is an emergency and you require immediate assistance, please CALL us at.. , or dial 911.. We're here for you 24/7!.. Name (First and Last):.. *.. Phone:.. Email:.. Zipcode:.. Preferred Service:.. Budget and Debt.. New Parent Transition.. Legal Care.. Informational..

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  • Title: Why Access Counseling
    Descriptive info: You can use WellConnect counseling services to address the needs or concerns you’re facing.. Students have used WellConnect counseling services to address the following issues:.. Adjusting to the demands of college.. Feelings of panic or anxiety, school related or otherwise.. Trauma.. Suicidal Thoughts.. Family Problems.. Compulsive or Distracting Behavior.. Depression.. Marital/Relationship Issues.. Stress or Academic Difficulty.. Substance Abuse.. Grief/Loss..

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  • Title: In the Moment Counseling
    Descriptive info: How to access In-the-Moment Support.. The WGU WellConnect line (1-877-685-3269) is staffed 24/7/365 with master’s level clinicians who are available for free in-the-moment telephonic support and direction.. You can call us at any time to talk with a counselor.. During the initial call, the WellConnect  ...   the end of the call, you will be offered a referral for up to four sessions of face-to-face or telephonic counseling with a dedicated clinician.. If you wish to engage in face-to-face counseling, WellConnect will connect you with a provider convenient to your home or work..

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  • Title: Debt Management Program
    Descriptive info: Getting Started with the Budget and Debt Management Program.. You can initiate the process of enrollment in the Budget and Debt Consultation program 24/7 by contacting WellConnect.. (1-877-685-3269).. and asking for budget and debt assistance.. If you call from 8am-8pm ET M-F, you may be immediately connected with a professionally trained and certified financial counselor for an hour-long meeting to discuss your financial situation, so please plan accordingly.. If you call outside of those hours, you will be connected with a counselor within 24 hours.. During that initial conversation, the counselor will:.. Help you evaluate your current financial situation.. Provide a detailed review of income, assets and expenses.. Provide personalized options based on your goals, which may include social service referrals, educational materials and resources and/or enrollment in a Debt Management Program.. Working with a Debt Management  ...   an increased capacity to get out of debt quickly.. Budgeting and Debt Services.. Other benefits of the Budget and Debt Management Program include:.. Unlimited free budget counseling sessions to assess financial situation.. 24-hour member access to your account through member website.. On-going counseling for students throughout the life of the program and beyond.. Free Money, Debt and Credit education program.. Access to consumercredit.. com for free financial resources.. The Debt Management Counselor will work tirelessly to assist you with your financial needs so you can remain focused on your end goal - Graduation.. Note: The Debt Management Program is only applicable to unsecured debts, such as credit cards, department store cards, collection accounts, credit lines, and unsecured personal loans.. The program does not apply to car loans, mortgages, student loans, or any accounts currently undergoing legal proceeding..

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  • Title: Legal Care
    Descriptive info: Getting Started with Legal Care.. To get started, call your dedicated WellConnect line.. and explain that you are calling to receive legal counseling.. You will receive a call within the next business day from an attorney, and you are entitled to up to 30 minutes of legal counseling free of charge.. You can use this service multiple times!.. Why Students Access Legal Counseling.. WGU Students have utilized the Legal Consultation service to address the following issues:.. Tenant/Landlord Issues.. Traffic Citations.. Divorce Proceedings.. Wills/Estate Planning.. On-Going Legal Services..  ...   a referral to a local attorney at a discounted rate.. You will also have the option to call in for telephone service as many times as you like, and will receive up to 30 minutes of legal counseling on every call.. The WellConnect Program is committed to providing students with the resources to manage their legal issues and concerns so that they are able to remain focused on their academic goals!.. Note.. : Students cannot utilize the legal consultation services for grievances or issues that pertain to WGU..

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  • Title: New Parent Transition Program
    Descriptive info: Starting the New Parent Transition Program.. To get started just call.. and let the counselor know that you're interested in the New Parent Transition Program! Before you begin the telephonic coaching sessions, you’ll receive a binder with resources and tools, including:.. Personal Assessment Survey.. Outlines of each session.. Tip sheets.. Activity templates and tools.. Parenting book and relevant articles.. The.. is a tool designed to gather basic information about you.. Your coach may refer to it throughout the sessions, and it will allow you to add details and information as you expand your understanding of your own everyday life and needs as parents.. After receiving the informational binder, you’ll schedule three, one-hour telephonic sessions with a doctorate level family psychologist.. Session 1 - Expecting a New Baby.. The first session involves getting to know parents as well as understanding the needs of the whole person.. Resources and discussions will be customized based on the unique needs of each parent.. This session  ...   Session 2 - Staying Home with the Baby.. In the second session, parents will be encouraged to explore the duties and responsibilities of being a stay-at-home parent.. The discussion will cover the emotional, physical and social impact of staying at home, as well as the eventual return to work or school; and it will address feelings of depression, anxiety and excitement.. This session is critical in establishing new family routines as well as managing duties within the home before returning to work.. Session 3 - Balancing Work and Baby.. The final session provides the tools needed to balance work, school and home.. Parents will complete their 24-Hour Life Pie before the session.. One-on-one discussions about the return to work and the expectations of both work and home will create opportunities to share experiences and identify resources.. This session prepares parents to manage their work schedule, school schedule, family time, personal time and social time to create a healthy and balanced life..

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  • Title: Help is Just Around the Corner
    Descriptive info: Help is Just Around the Corner.. When you call the WellConnect line (.. ), you will be connected with a community referral specialist, who gathers information relevant to your specific needs.. Once the initial evaluation is complete, the community referral specialist begins the process of contacting and connecting with community resources to check for vacancies, availability, pricing, etc.. You will be sent a comprehensive packet with all of the information about resources that are available in your community and that fit your unique needs.. You will be connected only with resources that have vacancies and availability, and you will  ...   extensive database of resources related to:.. Child Care Resources.. Child Care Centers.. Day-Care Providers.. Special Needs Programs.. Public and Private Schools.. Tutoring Agencies.. Summer Camps.. Pet Care.. Veterinarians.. Grooming.. Adoption Resources.. Agencies.. Consultation Services.. Eldercare Resources.. In-house services.. Retirement Communities.. Assisted Living Facilities.. Nursing Homes.. Transportation Services.. Community Resources.. Houses and Apartments.. Home Improvements.. Health and Wellness.. Health Advocates.. Gyms.. Fitness Programs.. College Planning.. College Counseling.. College Guides.. Educational Consultants.. The WellConnect program is committed to making these resources available to WGU students so that you can appropriately balance your student/life demands and strive towards your end goal of graduation..

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  • Title: Face to Face or Telephonic Counseling
    Descriptive info: How to set up Face-to-Face or Telephonic Counseling Services.. To start face-to-face or telephonic counseling sessions with a dedicated clinician, just call the WellConnect number.. and tell us you want to use your 4 free counseling sessions.. Our trained Intake Specialists will begin searching for an affiliate convenient to your home or work, whichever is preferred.. We match students with counselors based on the following criteria:.. Location – We endeavor to connect you to a provider within 10 miles of your work or home.. Specialty – You will be connected with counselors who specialize in dealing with the issues you are facing.. Insurance Match – We will  ...   sessions, if you would like.. Timeline.. After the initial contact with the WellConnect program, you can expect to hear directly from a counselor within.. 48-72 hours.. to begin scheduling treatment sessions.. Our providers are aware of the demanding schedules of working students, and will work diligently to find a convenient time to meet.. Most of the students who utilize the WellConnect counseling services have their first treatment session within.. 5 days.. of the first contact with the program.. If we are having difficulty finding a provider, you can expect to be contacted regularly by a WellConnect representative to keep you informed of the status of your referral..

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