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  • Title: Water/Wastewater Distance Learning at Mountain Empire Community College
    Descriptive info: .. Water/Wastewater Distance Learning Website.. Water/Wastewater courses are now on the web and can be applied to an Associate in Applied Science Degree with a Water/Wastewater Specialization.. Website information is totally free, except for quizzes and assignments, but you will not receive credit for a course unless you are enrolled.. If you already hold the highest operator class license in your state you can receive credit through your occupational experience.. Labs may be taken at a plant in your area under approved supervision.. MECC also offers two Career Studies Certificates: Water Plant Operator and Wastewater Plant Operator.. Click the link to the left to learn more about these programs.. If you are in need of CPE/CEU credit to renew your license (both water and wastewater), MECC offers that as well!  ...   site has been awarded the following:.. A First Place VCCS Technology in Education Award.. A Second Place Governor's Environmental VA Award for Innovation in Education.. Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology from the International Conference on Teaching and Learning.. The International Teaching and Learning Award.. The 2002 Governor's Technology Gold Award.. This website has been created and is maintained by.. Rosa-lee Cooke.. Information About the Program.. Orientation.. Enrollment Process.. Career Studies Certificates.. Water/Wastewater AAS Degree.. Coursework Related.. Water/Wastewater Courses.. Contacts.. License Renewal Courses.. Important Links.. Search the Website.. MECC Homepage.. Licensing Exam Preparation.. Virginia Department of Health.. Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation.. State Links.. Partners of the Website.. Kid's Water World.. What's New in the Water/Wastewater Field?.. Classified Ads for Water Treatment Operators.. Job Outlook.. Free Live Chat Software..

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  • Title: Water/Wastewater Orientation
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  • Title: Enrolling in Distance Learning
    Descriptive info: Process for enrolling in Water/Wastewater Courses:.. These documents require.. Adobe Acrobat Reader.. If you currently do not have this on your machine, please.. download it here.. Apply for Admission to MECC.. You may apply.. online for Admission to MECC.. You will.. apply for Financial Aid.. at the same time you apply for admission.. Ways to pay for Distance Learning courses:.. Financial Aid:.. You may complete the Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA).. online.. You will complete this during the same time you complete your Admission Application.. A letter of authorization or a purchase order from the agency willing to pay for the course.. Contact the Business Office for details on what is needed in the letter of authorization.. Once we have received the letter of authorization, the college will call to inform you that you are ready to begin registering for your courses.. Students can pay by Mastercard or Visa.. We do not accept American Express or Discover cards.. You can pay online with your credit card for immediate payment.. Students can pay by cash, check or money order.. Make payable to MECC.. Send payment  ...   Verified it's time to Enroll in Your Courses.. You may register online for your courses or come to MECC's campus and enroll in person.. To enroll online please go to the following link and follow the instructions.. It will walk you through the steps to enroll successfully in your online course.. If you are unsure of what you need to take, please contact one of the.. advisors.. for the program before registering for classes.. MECC Online Registration.. Once You Are Enrolled It's Time to Begin Classes!.. Visit.. http://water.. mecc.. edu.. and click on the link under Coursework Related:.. Water/Wastweater Courses.. From this page click on the course in which you are currently enrolled and begin your coursework.. If you have any questions please contact one of the following:.. Admissions Office: 276-523-7474.. Financial Aid: 276-523-7470.. Business Office 276-523-2400.. Susan Kennedy (Distance Education Coordinator) 276-523-2400, ext.. 488.. Mr.. Tommy Clements (Dean, Health Science and Industrial Technology) 276-523-2400, ext.. 431.. Dr.. Chuks Ogbonnaya (Head of the Environmental Science Department and Water Program Advisor) 276-523-2400, ext.. 276.. Rosa-lee Cooke (Water Program Advisor, Instructor and Website Technician) 276-523-2400, ext.. 364.. Last updated: 08/2013..

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  • Title: Career Studies Certificate
    Descriptive info: Career Studies Certificate.. How do I earn a Career Studies Certificate for Water or Wastewater Plant Operator from.. Mountain.. Empire.. Community College.. ?.. Apply for.. admission.. to.. (This has the application for admission and finanacial aid packets available.. ).. Submit documentation of previous education, licenses and/or work experience which could be certified towards your degree.. (i.. e.. : water/wastewater licenses, college credits and/or degrees,etc.. Students lacking prerequisites or entry-level proficiency may be required to enroll in the developmental studies program or prerequisite course.. Discuss with a.. college advisor.. the classes needed toward the career studies certificate.. Pay for classes by cash, check, credit card, or grant.. Register for classes.. Complete all  ...   Career Studies Certificate.. Water Plant Operator.. Course.. Lecture.. Hours.. Lab.. Credit.. ENV 110.. Intro to Water/Wastewater Technology.. 3.. 0.. 3.. ENV 115.. Water Purification.. 2.. ENV 108.. Environmental Microbiology.. ENV 211.. Sanitary Biology Chemistry.. CIV 240.. Fluid Mechanics/Hydraulics.. 0.. CIV 246.. Water Resources Technology.. ENV 227.. Environmental Law.. ENV 290.. Coordinated Internship in Water Plant Operator.. 4.. TOTAL.. 17.. 10.. 25.. 24 credits required to graduate.. This program is intended for apprentices in water plants.. See.. Chuks Ogbonnaya.. ,.. Rosa-lee Cooke.. or.. Harriett Long.. for additional information.. Wastewater Plant Operator.. ENV 149.. Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation.. Coordinated Internship in Wastewater Plant Operator.. TOTAL.. This program is intended for apprentices in wastewater plants..

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  • Title: Associate in Applied Science Degree with Water/Wastewater Specialization
    Descriptive info: Associate in Applied Science Degree.. Water/Wastewater Specialization.. How do I earn an Associate's Degree in Water/Wastewater from Mountain Empire Community College?.. to Mountain Empire Community College.. : water/wastewater licenses, college credits and/or degrees through Official Transcript,etc.. ).. Take Math and English Placement Tests if needed.. the classes  ...   credit card, or letter of intent from employer.. Apply for graduation.. Earn your Associate's Degree from Mountain Empire Community College.. A minimum of 17 hours.. must be taken from Mountain Empire Community College.. Other credits may transfer from an accredited university, college, community college or distance learning course..

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  • Title: Water/Wastewater Courses
    Descriptive info: Water/Wastewater Courses.. Continuous Enrollment.. Most of our courses in the Water/Wastewater program are continuous enrollment, which means you can register and begin coursework at any time and your completion date is dependent upon when you register.. You should always talk to an advisor of the program before registering for classes.. This will ensure you are taking the courses in the order they should be taken to minimize confusion and maximize preparedness for the course material.. Click on the course in which you are enrolled to begin your coursework.. Licensing Rewal courses are also offered through continuous enrollment, so you can obtain your CEU/CPE credits any time throughout the year!.. Fall and Spring Classes Only.. The five classes listed to  ...   choose to use it.. Continuous Enrollment.. ENV110: Introduction to Water and Wastewater Technology.. ENV115: Water Purification.. ENV108: Environmental Microbiology.. ENV149: Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation.. ENV227: Environmental Law.. CIV240: Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics.. CIV246: Water Resources Technology.. ENV211: Sanitary Biology and Chemistry.. Licensing Renewal Courses.. ENV195: Courses for Water Classes 6-4.. ENV295: Courses for Water Classes 3-1.. ENV195: Courses for Wastewater Classes 6-4.. ENV295: Courses for Wastewater Classes 3-1.. Water/Wastewater Home.. Fall Classes Only.. ENV220: Environmental Problems.. SCT111: Introduction to Environmental Science Tech I.. Spring Classes Only.. NAS106: Conservation of Natural Resources.. SCT112: Introduction to Environmental Science Tech II.. ENV290: Coordinated Internship.. Math.. Reservoirs, Rivers and Lakes.. Water Plant.. Storm Sewer.. Distribution Lines.. Sewer Lines.. Sewage Treatment.. Laboratory Equipment.. Electricity..

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  • Title: Water/Wastewater Instructors
    Descriptive info: Contact Information.. Head of the Environmental Science Department.. Water Program Advisor.. SCT111: Introduction to Environmental Science Technology I.. SCT112: Introduction to Environmental Science Technology II.. ENV290: Coordinated Internship in Environmental Science.. Address:.. Chuks Ogbonnaya.. 3441 Mt.. Empire Rd.. Big Stone Gap, VA 24219.. Email:.. cogbonnaya@me.. vccs.. Phone:.. (276) 523-2400, ext.. Fax:.. (276) 523-5459..  ...   Chemistry I.. Env110: Introduction to Water/Wastewater Technology.. Env195: Water Recertification I.. Env295: Water Recertification II.. Technical Problems with website, contact Rosa-lee Cooke.. rmoore@me.. 364.. (276) 523-7486.. Harriett Long.. Water Program Advisor/Instructor.. Env227: Environmental Law.. Env149: Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation.. Civ240: Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics.. Env115: Water Purification.. Civ246: Water Resources Technology.. hlong@me.. 211..

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  • Title: License Renewal
    Descriptive info: Water/Wastewater Distance Learning.. Licensure Rewewal Courses.. Please check with your local regulatory boad for renewal requirements.. Retraining Hours Required for Water Licenses Classes.. Class I, II, or III - 20 Contact Hours.. Class IV - 16 Contact Hours.. Class V - 8 Contact Hours.. Class VI - 4 Contact Hours.. Take a class on.. to receive the CPE/CEU credits needed to renew your operator license.. Take either ENV 195 (1.. 5 hours of CEUs equivalent to 15 hours of CPEs) or 295 (3.. 0 hours of Continuing Education Units equivalent to 30 hours Continuing Professional Education).. Class can be taken at your convenience, 24 hours a day; homework can be completed at your own pace.. An application to Mountain Empire Community College must be completed and an EmplID (student ID) assigned.. Once you have your student ID contact Rosa-lee Cooke to get registered for the class.. Contact:.. Rosa-lee Cooke at (276) 523-2400, ext.. 364 or at.. rcooke@me.. License Renewal for  ...   ENV195: Topics in Well Systems and Pumps.. ENV195: Topics in Iron and Manganese Removal.. The option for a 2 credit hour course (3.. 0 CEUs/30 CPEs).. Options for course:.. ENV295: Microbiology of Well and Spring Water II.. Topics in Lab Techniques and Procedures for Water Personnel.. License Renewal for Wastewater Operators.. As of July 1, 2010 it is now mandatory for wastewater operators to obtain CPE/CEU credit for license renewal.. Options for courses: (These topics change every 2 years).. ENV195W2: Topics in Wastewater Treatment Renewal I.. ENV295W2: Topics in Wastewater Treatment Renewal II.. Each course consists of online lessons, quizzes and assignments.. When this work is complete an open book final exam will be given that covers the quizzes taken.. A complete packet of work is sent to the instructor for record keeping and a completion certificate is issued.. For more information on these classes, please contact Rosa-lee Cooke at the contact information above.. Waterworks Regulations.. DPOR License Renewal Information..

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  • Title: Preparation for Licensing Exams
    Descriptive info: Preparation for Licensing Exams.. Information Regarding Examination Reference Materials.. Examination Content Outline For Water Operators.. The outline below lists the topics that are on the examination and the number of items for each topic.. Exam Class.. Topic Information.. Class 1.. Class 2.. Class 3.. Class 4.. Class 5.. Class 6.. Monitor, Evaluate and Adjust Treatment Processes System.. 30.. 29.. 18.. 13.. Collect Samples and Interpret Analysis.. 8.. 7.. 6.. Perform Plant Process Control Laboratory Analysis.. Evaluate Characteristics of Source Water..  ...   14.. Total Number of Items.. 75.. 70.. 60.. To learn more in depth information pertaining to each, click on the main topic.. Virginia Water Treatment Examination Formula Sheet.. Examination Content Outline For Wastewater Operators.. Class 1.. Evaluate Incoming Wastestream/Sidestream Characteristics.. Monitor, Evaluate and Adjust Treatment Processes.. 26.. 23.. 19.. Operate Equipment.. Collect Samples and Interpret Analyses.. Perform Laboratory Analyses.. Virginia Wastewater Treatment Examination Formula Sheet.. Homepage.. *Subject areas are found on our website or references.. Virginia DPOR Board Water/Wastewater Works Regulations..

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  • Title: Water Plant Classified Ads
    Descriptive info: Job Match Web Site:.. Water Plant Classified Ads.. This site is provided as a public service through funding by the Virginia Department of Health.. Mountain Empire Community College is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by Employers or Job Seekers.. Water Plant Employers.. Do you have a job opening that you  ...   to search our database for possible employees?.. Water Plant Job Seekers.. Do you want to look in our classifieds for a job at a Water Plant near you?.. Do you want to post your resume online for possible employers to find you?.. This website has been created and is maintained by.. Rosa-lee Moore..

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  • Title: Water and Liquid Waste Treatment Plant and System Operators (Jobs)
    Descriptive info: Water and Liquid Waste Treatment.. Plant and System Operators.. Check out Current Job Offerings.. Nature of the Work.. Clean water is essential for everyday life.. Water treatment plant and system operators treat water so that it is safe to drink.. Liquid waste treatment plant and system operators, also known as wastewater treatment plant and system operators, remove harmful pollutants from domestic and industrial liquid waste so that it is safe to return to the environment.. Water is pumped from wells, rivers, streams, and reservoirs to water treatment plants, where it is treated and distributed to customers.. Wastewater travels through customers' sewer pipes to wastewater treatment plants, where it is either treated and returned to streams, rivers, and oceans or reused for irrigation and landscaping.. Operators in both types of plants control equipment and processes that remove or destroy harmful materials, chemical compounds, and microorganisms from the water.. They also control pumps, valves, and other equipment that moves the water or wastewater through the various treatment processes, after which they dispose of the removed waste materials.. Operators read, interpret, and adjust meters and gauges to make sure that plant equipment and processes are working properly.. Operators operate chemical-feeding devices, take samples of the water or wastewater, perform chemical and biological laboratory analyses, and adjust the amounts of chemicals, such as chlorine, in the water.. They use a variety of instruments to sample and measure water quality.. Water and wastewater treatment plant and system operators increasingly rely on computers to help monitor equipment, store the results of sampling, make process-control decisions, schedule and record maintenance activities, and produce reports.. Occasionally, operators must work during emergencies.. A heavy rainstorm, for example, may cause large amounts of wastewater to flow into sewers, exceeding a plant's treatmetn capacity.. Emergencies also can be caused by conditions inside a plant, such as chlorine gas leaks or oxygen deficiencies.. To handle these conditions, operators are trained to make an emergency management response and use special safety equipment and procedures to protect public health and the facility.. During these periods, operators may work under extreme pressure to correct problems as quickly as possible.. The specific duties of plant operators depend on the type and size of the plant.. In smaller plants, one operator may control all of the machinery, perform tests, keep records, handle complaints, and perform repairs and maintenance.. A few operators may handle both a water treatment and a wastewater treatment plant.. In larger plants with many employees, operators may be more specialized and monitor only one process.. The staff also may include chemists, engineers, laboratory technicians, mechanics, helpers, supervisors, and a superintendent.. Water pollution standards are larely set by two major Federal environmental statutes: the Clean Water Act, which regulates the discharge of pollutants, and the Safe Drinking Water Act, which specifies standards for drinking water.. Industrial facilities that send their wastes to municipal treatment plants must meet certain minimum standards to ensure that the wastes have been adequately pretreated and will not damage municipal treatment facilities.. Municipal water treatment plants also must meet stringent standards for drinking water.. The list of contaminants regulated by these statutes has grown over time.. As a result, plant operators must be familiar with the guidelines established by Federal regulations  ...   Water Act Amendments of 1996, enforced by the U.. S.. Environmental Protection Agency, specify national minimum standards for certification and recertification of operators of community and nontransient, noncommunity water systems.. As a result, operators must pass an examination certifying that they are capable of overseeing wastewater treatment plant operations.. There are different levels of certification, depending on the operator's experience and training.. Higher levels qualify the operator for overseeing a wider variety of treatment processes.. Certification requirements vary by State and by size of the treatment plant.. Although relocation may mean having to become certified in a new jurisdiction, many States accept other States' certifications.. Most State drinking water and water pollution control agencies offer courses to improve operators' skills and knowledge.. The courses cover principles of treatment processes and process control, laboratory procedures, maintenance, management skills, collection systems, safety, chlorination, sedimentation, biological treatment, sludge treatment and disposal, and flow measurements.. Some operators take correspondence courses on subjects related to water and wastewater treatment, and some employers pay part of the tuition for related college courses in science and engineering.. As operators are promoted, they become responsible for more complex treatment processes.. Some operators are promoted to plant supervisor or superintendent; others advance by transferring to a larger facility.. Postsecondary training in water and wastewater treatment, coupled with increasingly responsible experience as an operator, may be sufficient to qualify a worker for becoming superintendent of a small plant, where a superintendent also serves as an operator.. However, educational requirements are rising as larger, more complex treatment plants are built to meet new drinking water and water pollution control standards.. With each promotion, the operator must have greater knowledge of Federal, State, and local regulations.. Superintendents.. Are you looking for a job in a water plant in your area? Are you an employer at a water plant looking for possible employees to work? If so, check out the.. Water Plant Classifieds Ads.. Post your resume or job openings and search for listings already in our database.. For employers:.. When searching for possible employees, you will only see their credentials.. Their name, address, phone number, etc, will not be shown.. You will see what Class License they have, if any, where they live, their education and experience.. You can email a particular employee from our site, but you will not see the email address.. If they are interested in contacting you, they have the responsibility of contacting you and setting up a meeting.. For employees:.. When you are posting your resume, your information is kept private.. No one will see your name, address or phone number when doing a search of resumes.. You are responsible for contacting the employer back if someone initially contacts you about a job.. If you currently work at a water plant and enter that PWSID #, which is unique for every plant, when someone does a search that is from the same water plant (same PWSID #), they will not see your entry at all.. This site was created to be as safe and private for the users as possible and still allow the communication between employer/employee to take place.. I hope you find the site helpful in filling positions and finding jobs in the state of Virginia!..

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