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    Archived pages: 204 . Archive date: 2013-09.

  • Title: Middlefield Campus Portal
    Descriptive info: .. The Hub at Middlefield Campus.. Logging in at the Open Lab.. Welcome to Summer Quarter 2013! Every student at Middlefield Campus is automatically assigned a personal account that can be used on any computer in the Open Lab.. You can look up your login details online if you know your Foothill student ID.. Note: You will need to log in with.. your account.. in order to print in the Open Lab.. If you're not a Foothill student but are registered for a language class, use the ID you've been given to look up your username and  ...   Look up your Rosetta Stone username and password.. Staff:.. Rosetta Stone class rosters.. Guides.. We've created step-by-step guides to guide you through some common tasks.. How to print in the Hub.. Using Middlefield Campus Wireless.. Working with Pacific Pharmacy RxWin.. Login instructions.. (No Printing).. Working with Rosetta Stone.. Working with MySabre.. (Travel Careers).. Working with VMware.. Using VMware Fusion.. News and information.. Open Lab news.. Available Mac software.. Available PC software.. Travel Careers presentations.. Computer lab photo gallery.. Lab hours and map.. Resources.. Middlefiled Software Request.. Middlefield Audio-visual Request.. Report a problem.. Middlefield Projects.. Contact System Admin..

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  • Title: Printing in the Open Lab
    Descriptive info: Printing at Middlefield Campus.. Getting your username and password.. In order to print in the Hub you must log into your computer lab account.. To get your login details, first log in to any lab computer with username.. middlefield.. and password.. mc.. When you're logged in, open a browser, go to.. http://hub.. foothill.. edu.. and click "Look up your Open Lab username and password.. ".. Enter your  ...   Then log off the.. account and log in to yours.. You'll be asked to change your password.. Printing.. Once you're logged in to your account you'll be allowed to print a maximum of 10 pages per day.. Try to minimize your use of resources by only printing school-related materials.. Please note that your username and password are only good for one quarter.. Back to the Middlefield Campus Hub..

    Original link path: /howtos/printing/printing.html
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  • Title: Username lookup
    Descriptive info: Username & Password Lookup.. Your password expires at the end of each quarter.. Eight-digit student ID:..

    Original link path: /username.php
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  • Title: Rosetta Stone lookup
    Descriptive info: Rosetta Stone account lookup.. Last name or student ID:.. - language -.. English.. French.. Spanish..

    Original link path: /rosetta.php
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  • Title: Using campus wifi
    Descriptive info: Accessing Middlefield's wireless network.. Connecting.. Our public wireless network is called.. Foothill College.. You can connect without a password, but you'll have to sign in with your student ID and Foothill PIN before you can access the internet.. The standard methods for finding wireless networks in Windows XP and Mac OS X are pictured to the right.. If you normally  ...   opening a browser will take you to the login page.. If you're a student: your username is your eight-digit student ID (printed in the bottom left corner of your OwlCard) and your password is the PIN you use for registration.. If you're a faculty or staff member: your username is your employee ID, and you can look up your password.. here..

    Original link path: /howtos/wireless/wireless.html
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  • Title: Using Pacific Pharmacy RxWin in J3
    Descriptive info: Using Pacific Pharmacy software at Middlefield Campus J3.. Using VMware Fusion system.. Choose Mac OS from the boot menu.. Log in with username.. pharmacy.. You must make sure you're connected to the network before you do anything else.. If the network icon near the top right corner of the screen is bold, you're already logged in.. If you aren't connected, click the icon and choose.. Foothill Lab.. from the menu.. The Virtual Machine Library will automatically open.. Choose Pacific Pharmacy Computers using the arrow keys.. Do not choose the Boot Camp partition.. Windows XP will start automatically and launch RxWin Pacific Pharmacy Computers.. Pharmacy.. Select the Rx icon on the top left side to start making labels.. When printing, you must first type  ...   be patient for lables to print.. When you are finished with the program, exit by typing.. stop.. and choose.. Exit.. from the.. File.. menu.. If you accidentally log off there is a shortcut on the desktop to restart the program.. Shut down Windows by choosing.. Shut Down.. from the Start Menu.. Quit the Virtual Machine Library by clicking the red button on the left side.. Log off of the computer by clicking the Apple icon in the top left corner and choosing.. Log out Pharmacy.. Troubleshoot.. If the program is not working, move your mouse to the top of the screen, choose.. Virtual Machine Library.. , and choose the.. CTRL+ALT+DEL.. option.. When the Task Manager comes up, select the program and click.. End Task..

    Original link path: /howtos/pharmacy/pharmacy.html
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  • Title: Middlefield Campus Lab news
    Descriptive info: Middlefield Campus - Open Lab news by quarter.. Fall 2009.. Fall 2008.. Spring 2009.. Back..

    Original link path: /news.html
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  • Title: Middlefield Computer Labs - Apple Software Available
    Descriptive info: Apple Software.. Middlefield Campus.. Winter 2011.. Updated 01/11/2011.. An.. X.. indicates that a program is available in the specified room.. Program.. Ver.. MC I-2.. MC I-11.. MC J-3.. Operating System.. 10.. 5.. 8.. Adobe Phototshop CS4.. 11.. 0.. 1.. Adobe Illustrator CS4.. 14.. Adobe Photoshop CS5.. 12.. Adobe Indesign CS5.. 7.. Adobe Illustrator CS5.. 15.. Adobe Bridge CS5.. 4.. 529.. Adobe Flash CS5.. 485.. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.. Adobe Flash Player.. 52.. 14.. Acrobat Reader.. 9.. 4.. Audacity.. 1.. 2.. 6.. BBEdit Lite.. 6.. Bootcamp.. 2.. Camino.. 3.. Chrome.. 8.. 552..  ...   Fireworks.. Flash.. Flip4Mac WMV Player.. 7.. Flock.. Fugu SFTP.. GoLive.. CS2.. Google Earth.. 3533.. 1731.. Grab.. Grapher.. iChat.. iDVD.. Image Capture.. Image Ready CS3.. iMovie.. iMovie HD.. iPhone Simulator.. iPhone SDK.. iPhoto.. 06.. iSync.. iTunes.. Java.. Jmol Open Science.. MAC SFTP Carbon.. MacPython.. Maya.. Mozilla.. MS Office Suite 2008.. NeoOffice.. Netscape Navigator.. Norton Anti Virus.. OpenBase Manager.. Opera.. 53.. PhotoShop Element.. Pov-Ray.. Quicktime Player.. Real Player.. Rosetta Stone.. Safari.. Script Editor.. Shockwave Player.. Stuff-it Expander.. TextEdit.. UnRarx.. Version Cue.. VMware Fusion.. Windows Media Player.. Xcode.. YemuZip.. TextWrangler.. VLC.. Zinio Reader.. BACK..

    Original link path: /software/software_MAC_MC.html
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  • Title: Middlefield Computer Labs - IBM-PC Software Available, Middlefield Campus
    Descriptive info: PC Software.. Spring 2010.. Updated 06/10/2010.. Version.. MC I-5.. MC I-3.. MC J-3.. Microsoft Windows XP Professional.. SP3.. Adobe Acrobat Reader.. Adobe Bridge CS3.. 9.. Adobe AIR.. 5790.. Adobe Flash Player.. 22.. 87.. Adobe GoLive.. Adobe Illustrator CS3.. 13.. Adobe ImageReady.. Adobe Flash CS3.. Adobe InDesign CS4.. 464.. Adobe InDesign CS3.. Adobe Photoshop CS4.. Adobe Photoshop CS3.. Adobe Photoshop Elements.. Aleks Plug-in.. 10.. Eclipse SDK.. FileZilla.. Firefox.. Google Chrome.. 375.. 70.. 3535.. Internet Explorer.. 6001.. Instant Rails (VMware).. 12.. Jmol.. KeyAudit.. Keyboarding CheckPro.. 2002.. Keyboarding Pro Multimedia.. KeyVerify..  ...   Silverlight.. 50524.. Macromedia Flash.. Microsoft Office 2007 (SP1).. 6311.. Microsoft Office 2003 (SP3).. 8237.. Microsoft Visio.. 2003.. MySabre.. Notepad ++.. NJStar (VMware).. 2005.. Oracle (VMware).. 11g.. Outlook Express.. Pacific Pharmacy Computers (VMware).. 08.. 2A.. POV RayTracer.. Putty(SSH client).. 0.. 60.. Python.. QuickBooks Pro.. 2008.. Quicktime.. Rosetta Stone English.. 38.. Rosetta Stone Spanish.. Rosetta Stone French.. Roxio CD Creator.. Symantec Anti-Virus.. TextPad.. Virtual Earth.. 903.. Visual Studio.. NET.. VMware Server.. Windows Defender.. 1593.. Windows Media Player.. 5721.. Windows MovieMaker.. Windows NetMeeting.. WinSCP.. Microsoft WorldWide Telescope.. WS_FTP.. 08.. XAMPP (VMware).. XMLPad..

    Original link path: /software/software_PC_MC.html
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  • Title: Middlefield Campus Open Lab
    Descriptive info: Middlefield Campus Open Lab.. PCs in I-11.. Macs in I-11.. The dual-boot Mac lab in I-2.. I-2 (back).. The Dell mobile lab in I-3.. I-3 (back).. The PC lab in I-5.. I-5 (back).. I-10's projector setup.. I-10 (back).. The mobile Mac lab in J3.. J3 (back).. The I-1 classroom.. I-1 (back)..

    Original link path: /labphotos/labs.php
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  • Title: Using MySabre in I-2
    Descriptive info: Hours and directions.. Monday - Thursday.. 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM.. Friday.. Closed.. Saturday, Sunday..

    Original link path: /maplabhours/hours.html
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    Archived pages: 204