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  • Title: Directory Search
    Descriptive info: .. User Information.. Edit My Info.. Help.. select.. Display Name.. Email Address.. Department.. Title.. Manager.. Office Phone.. Starts with.. Ends with.. Contains.. Equals.. Display all.. View Details.. Export.. Building.. Room #.. user Id.. is User.. Amir Mohammadi.. amohammadi@desu.. edu.. Finance and Administration.. Executive VP for Finance and University Treasurer.. 302-857-6200.. Admininstration Building.. 316.. CN=Amir Mohammadi,OU=GeneralAccounting,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Anand K.. Singh.. asingh@desu.. Adjunct Professor.. 302-857-6931.. Bank Of America Building.. CN=Anand K.. Singh,OU=SchoolOfManagement,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Anjeu Reuss.. areuss@desu.. CN=Anjeu Reuss,OU=PURCHASING,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Aristides Marcano.. amarcano@desu.. Physics and Pre-Engineering Department.. Research Associate Professor, Chair.. 302-857-6690.. Science Center.. 216.. CN=Aristides Marcano,OU=Undefined,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Asgede Hagos.. aHagos@desu.. Mass Communications Department.. Professor.. 302-857-6620.. ETV Building.. CN=Asgede Hagos,OU=Mass Communication,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Ava M.. Perrine.. aperrine@desu.. Instructor.. 302-857-6630.. CN=Ava M.. Perrine,OU=Mass Communication,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Beverley Brown.. bkbrown@desu.. Human Resources and Legal Affairs.. Assoc Director of Human Resources.. 302-857-6261.. Administration Building.. CN=Beverley Brown,OU=HR,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Brigid McCrea.. bmccrea@desu.. Agriculture and Natural Resources Department.. Poultry Specialist,  ...   Public Safety.. Administrative Secretary.. 302-857-6309.. CN=Chandra Roberson,OU=Public Safety,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Charles B.. Jackson.. cbjackson@desu.. Facilities Planning and Construction.. Associate Director Plant Maintenance.. 302-857-6233.. CN=Charles B.. Jackson,OU=FACILITIES,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Charmaine Babb.. cbabb@desu.. Information Technology.. User Services Manager.. (302) 857-7009.. Bank of America building Suite 313.. 131.. CN=Charmaine Babb,OU=DATACTR,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Cheryl McCrea.. cmccrea@desu.. Sport Sciences Department.. Senior Secretary.. 302-857-6600 302-857-6613.. Memorial Hall.. 221.. CN=Cheryl McCrea,OU=Sport Sciences,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Chester Boyd.. cboyd@desu.. Academic Enrichment.. Academic Support Specialist.. (302) 857-7226.. William C Jason Library.. Room 204.. CN=Chester Boyd,OU=McNair Program,OU=Sponsored Programs,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Chittibabu Govindarajulu.. chitti@desu.. Management Department.. Associate Professor.. 302-857-6936.. CN=Chittibabu Govindarajulu,OU=SchoolOfManagement,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Christopher D.. Garland.. cgarland@desu.. College of Business.. Manager Academic Support.. 302-857-6909.. CN=Chris D.. Garland,OU=SchoolOfManagement,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Cindy Koegle.. ckoegle@desu.. Payroll Office.. payroll.. 857-7425.. CN=Cindy Koegle,OU=Payroll,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. Crystal Canon.. ccanon@desu.. Director.. 302-857-7425.. CN=Crystal Canon,OU=Payroll,OU=usr,DC=adminst,DC=desu,DC=edu.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. Page size:.. 10.. 20.. 50.. 100.. items in.. pages.. General.. Organization.. Address.. Telephones.. Version: 1.. 5.. {1}.. ##LOC[OK]##.. ##LOC[Cancel]##..

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  • Title: Directory Search
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